Stainless Steel Sprayer

The SIXON (Professional Series) STAINLESS STEEL PRESSURIZED SPRAYER is specially designed with the professional Pest Control Operator in mind. It is easy to maintain and features a pressure gauge to ensure that pesticides are applied at an even rate. A PCO is only as good as his equipment and this is as good as it gets.
•Robust stainless steel body
•Accurate pressure gauge
•Easy to clean
•10 Litre capacity

ZAR2200.00 per single unit.   / ZAR1950.00 if buying in bulk. Click on ‘Read More’ to Order Now!

Bird Dazzler

Bird Dazzler

Wind-driven, rotating, reflective device for the use of bird control.

  • Not harmful to birds.
  • Light in weight.
  • Uses natural forces to operate.
  • Reflects sunlight. This action irritates birds in close range, resulting in scaring off unwanted birds effectively.

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Flying Insect Catcher

Flies, mosquitoes and other bugs pestering you? Here’s a quick solution to control flying insects in the kitchen / home / business / restaurant etc. The SIXON LEOPARD is a robust, metal, electronic flying insect catcher. It has two energy efficient, 15W, UV Bulbs to attract a variety of insects such as flies, moths and many other insects. Glue boards are easily replaced thanks to the ‘open-swing’ front guard and tube assembly. It is ideal for areas such as kitchens, butcheries and homes.

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Deco Flying Insect Catcher


The SIXON LEOPARD DECO is a discreet, yet elegant flying insect catcher. It is designed to suit any upmarket restaurant, hotel or home. This designer flying insect catcher is easy to use. Non-toxic glue-boards are easily inserted and replaced. The SIXON LEOPARD DECO is also energy efficient thanks to it’s 9W Lamp.

ZAR500.00 per unit. Click ‘Read More’ to Order Now!