Category: Other Pests

Large Steel Cage Trap

This trap consist of removable bait box, bait box removable door and self-locking side door mechanism.

Sizes: 800mm diameter. x 500mm height.
How to Use:
Bait the box, open bait box loading door, secure bait box and self-locking side door mechanism. Trap is now set.
Animals to catch:
Caracal/Serval/Jackal/Fox/African Wild Cat/Large Small
Spotted Genet/Small Spotted Genet/Feral Cats/ etc.


4 x 3g.

Quick and long lasting control. Preventative and corrective control.

For the effective control of insects as listed on product label. Only ZAR160.00 per unit.

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Avispray AE


Avispray for sale.

For the effective control of:

  • Flies
  • Mosquitoes
  • Moths
  • Can also be used as a flushing agent to identify crawling insect nests and estimate infestation.
  • MSDS & label can be requested.

ZAR150.00 per can. Click on ‘Read More’ to Order.…