Category: Equipment

Multi-Rat Spring Trap

Trap consist of two channel hub’s, two trapdoors, two loading spring trapdoors and two mouse traps. Sizes: 500mm x 220mm x 120mm. How to Use: Set the two traps, open two loaded spring traps doors, secure traps and close two loaded spring trap doors. Trap is set.

Multi-Rodent Catch Trap

Materials: Welded steel mesh.

Description: Trap consist of two, one-way entrances and trap door system, a fixed bait box, bait box door and a side dispatch door.

Sizes: 600m x 440mm x 200mm.

How to Use: Open bait box door, insert bait and close bait door. Trap is now set.

Large Steel Cage Trap

This trap consist of removable bait box, bait box removable door and self-locking side door mechanism.

Sizes: 800mm diameter. x 500mm height.
How to Use:
Bait the box, open bait box loading door, secure bait box and self-locking side door mechanism. Trap is now set.
Animals to catch:
Caracal/Serval/Jackal/Fox/African Wild Cat/Large Small
Spotted Genet/Small Spotted Genet/Feral Cats/ etc.

Live-Catch Bird Trap

  • Material: Welded steel mesh.
  • Description: Trap consist of two sides with bobbin doors and a pigeon dispatch door.
  • Sizes: 600mm x 400mm x 260mm.
  • Easy to Use:
    Place trap, bobbins closed, open pigeon dispatch door, secure bait plates with bait and close pigeon dispatch door. Trap is now set.
    Entrance and non-exit bobbins prevent escape.
  • Catch: Ring neck turtle dove/Speckled rock pigeon/Feral pigeons.